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Office & School Supplies

Being one of our main lines, we offer a wide range of products for use in offices, homes, universities and schools in internationally renowned brands. Find everything you need to use for kids from pre-school age, increasing their creativity, potential and academic skills.

Promotional Products

Our product line continuously growing always keeping the expectation and curiosity of something new. Our products allow sublimation, Embroidered or laser engraved your logo, brand or slogan. We help do more with your budget. We have diaries, pens, pen drives and more products at your disposal.

We are exclusive importers and distributors of the Strong Caps and hats Genial!!! promocionales.

Sewing Products

Various goods for making clothing and jewelry is another of our specialties import. We offer a range varied product as chalks of tailors, threads nylon and yarns in clews and sedalina, coils, needles and needles, scissors seam, beads, murano chaquirones and ribbons metrics and more.

Trophies, Medals and Badges

We offer a wide range of trophies of all sizes for all your awards. Choose from a variety of shapes according to competition sport: football, basketball, swimming, tenis, voleibol, cycling, etc. We have medals, rods and plates wood, acrylic and glass. We shape to any legend in his medal or plaque using the most modern techniques of engraving and sublimation full color.

Computer Supplies

Everything you need for your business computer supplies and consumables. We have tapes, cartridges, toners and fax films for the most popular brands in the market LEXMARK, CANON, HEWLETT PACKARD, EPSON, PANASONIC, among others. We maintain stock on peripheral devices and also we provide equipment according to your request. In short, find from CD-R until laptops.

Articles fot Crafts

The growing practice of different manual artes required craft items for facilitate this exercise. For this, we offer several products to crafts in the highest quality. Nylon threads, scissors, foammy, silicone rubbers, markers for fabrics, silicone guns bars, frosting and candied rubber, etc.

Bazaar items

Our line bazaar, is one of the most extensive and varied. We import paper and gift bags, jewelery boxes in wide assortment, stickers, footballs, thermoses, photographic álbumnes, household items and many more.

UNIK® Products

Our star brand in school and office products. UNIK is a brand committed to quality and your pocket. Offer packaging tapes, scissors multipurpose and professional, pens, pencils HB and colored pencils, silicone rubbers, pen drives, correction fluids, tacks, staples, and many more products in variety and growing.

Genial!!! Promocionales®

Our youngest brand, dedicated to importing promotional items. The growing demand in advertising articles like pen drives, caps, umbrellas and other promotional products, allows us to launch our new line of products Genial !!! It promises to be one of the first in the market, in addition to providing service of personalization of pen drives as part of their product line.

Our Brands Wholesale

We have a variety of brands that make our service one of the best. Including UNIK, Simbalion, GENMES, Faber Castell, BIC, Strong Caps, Genial!!! Promocionales, Naipes Gran Casino, Catalina, Preciosa and more.

Customizable Promotional Products

In Olmedo Alvarez c.a. always we think offer the best opportunities in purchase of products to our customers. That is why, we provide the service customizing pen drives, caps, shirts, batteries Power Banks and more, of first quality. Want to advertise your brand? or Are you have a business of advertising?, This service is ideal to increase your sales and advertise your business.

Here are some of our works of satisfied customers.

Customized pendrives
Flexible PVC Pen, full color high relief.

Several custom products
Caps, shirts, tomatodos, playing cards, etc...