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Our history

We are a leader committed to providing the best products, considering the quality, variety and good price, to all our customers. We started our commercial activity in 1959 in the Ecuadorian territory and, to date, we have provided all the necessary products for business in office supplies, school supplies, promotional products, articles of clothing and crafts, amongst many other products. We always provide appropriate solutions to meet the needs of our customers, bearing in mind our values of honesty, responsibility and commitment.


Contribute to the Ecuadorian community through the professional, agile and growing provision of a wide range of products and services, persistently striving to identify and satisfy the different demands of today's dinamic world.


To be recognized as a leading importer and distributor due to our long commercial trajectory based on solid moral values which are foundations of our customer loyalty and trust.


+ Honesty in all our actions, dealing with local and international clients and suppliers.
+ Responsibility in our daily tasks and with our customers and local authorities
+ Solidarity with all who need our support: customers, co-workers and friends
+ Justice in all our actions, always seeking win-win relationships
+ Commitment in our every-day service and actions, constant work, seeking better performance aimed at customer satisfaction
We have a great variety of exclusive products for your business. We offer quality products and various brands in school and office supplies, clothing, handicraft and bazaar items, as well as promotional and sports products.

Being our promotional products, school supplies, sporting goods and office supplies those of greater acceptance by our customers, within the Ecuadorian market.