Olmedo Alvarez c.a. - ¡Todo Para Tu Negocio! Lunes - Viernes: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM Sábados: 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Desde 1959 contamos con productos exclusivos para tu negocio, hasta destacarnos como distribuidor líder a nivel nacional en suministros de oficina, artículos promocionales, productos escolares y muchos más.
Clemente Ballén 1027 y Juan Pío Montúfar (593) 4 2322590 / 2327179 / 2328546 / 2320303 EC090110 Guayaquil, Ecuador
Av. 10 de Agosto 546 y Francisco Moscoso (593) 7 4078232 / 4078233 Cuenca, Ecuador
Distribuidor Mayorista Distribuidor Mayorista en Ecuador Distribuidor en Ecuador Distribuidor Ventas al por mayor Suministros de Oficina Oficina Escolares Suministros Escolares Promocionales Trofeos Medallas Placas Confección Manualidades Artículos de Bazar Importador en Ecuador Importadora en Guayaquil Importadora en Cuenca

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We are the best alternative for your business.

We are a company that started its business in 1959 and, perseverance, we have maintained a continuous growth to stand out as a Dealer national leader
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We are Olmedo Alvarez c.a.

A leader committed to providing the best products, considering the quality, variety and good value, to all our customers. We started our business in 1959 in the Ecuadorian territory and, to date, we have provided all the necessary products for business in office supplies, school supplies, promotional products, articles of clothing and crafts, amongst many other products.

We always provide appropriate solutions to meet the needs of our customers, bearing in mind our values of honesty, responsibility and commitment.

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¡Todo para tu Negocio!

We have a wide variety of exclusive products for your business. We offer quality products and various brands in school and office supplies, clothing items, crafts and bazaar, as well as promotional and sport product.

Being our promotional products, school supplies, sporting goods and office supplies the most widely accepted by our customers, in the Ecuadorian market.

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